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Studio Policy

Session Schedules

Lessons and chamber for all levels are divided into two semesters with a Summer session as follows: 

Fall Session

3rd week of August - 3rd week of December (Thanksgiving break) - Performance is on the Saturday of last week session.

Spring Session

2nd week of January - 3rd week of May (Spring break: TBD) - Performance is on the Saturday of last week session. 

Summer Session

2nd week of June - 1st week of August (Independence Day break: July 1-5) - Performance is on the Saturday of last week session


Beginning Students/Initial Meeting

All new or transfer students will be interviewed to determine readiness. This process will allow the teacher to determine the best method or materials that are appropriate for the students. Registration materials will be given at this time. Parents must complete and sign all forms and submit them prior to the first lesson. Studio policy and program will be discussed during this time.


Student Responsibilities

To achieve an effective learning environment, students are required to bring all materials to every lesson and be on time. Students are expected to consistently attend lessons, practice, and complete all assignments on time. If the students are not consistently completing these requirements, his or her lesson may be jeopardized. 

Parent Responsibilies

Parents are required to attend all lessons, and ensure students complete all weekly assignments.


Music Materials and Equipment

Students are required to procure all books and materials as assigned by the teacher. 

Studio required materials include: 

- Notebook

- Metronome

- Music stand (for string students only)


Missed or Rescheduled Lessons

There are NO refunds for lessons canceled or missed unless canceled by the teacher or under special circumstances approved by the teacher. A make-up lesson will be provided for a lesson canceled by the teacher. A lesson canceled by the student can be rescheduled if the student notifies the teacher by 8:00 AM on the day of the scheduled lesson. Rescheduling is based on the teacher’s next available day and time. If a lesson is missed without notice, payment will be processed and no credit or make up given. If the teacher cancels the lesson and is unable to reschedule, a credit will be given to the next month's tuition.


Recitals, Festivals, & Awards

Students will have the opportunity to participate in many programs such as recitals, festivals, competitions, etc. Recitals are included in the tuition, but other events may have additional fees that will be added at the time of registration and students will be responsible for these fees. 


Chamber Music

Chamber Music is an optional, but highly recommended, program for students wishing to play with other players. Students are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals in addition to their individual lesson. Students electing to participate in chamber music must notify his or her teacher prior to the first lesson of the session. Students will be assigned to one group per session and music will be provided at the second lesson. The first coaching session will be scheduled after the first month of lessons. Each group will have a minimum of six coaching sessions, additional sessions may be scheduled with the agreement of all parties involved. The chamber recital will be held in conjunction with the studio recital.

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