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Sheet Music

Our Philosophy

We believe that music education benefits the students beyond just the music. These benefits include: discipline, work ethic, and perseverance. Music is a form of expression, and every person should have access to music education. Our primary focus is to give students the best teaching and experience in lessons, chamber ensembles, and the classroom. We believe that students learn best when they have the freedom to explore; our job is to guide their exploration in technique and musicality. We help the students answer the question “WHY?” for all aspects of music. 

We strongly believe the following aspects lead to a holistic music education:

- In private lessons:

  • We guide the students to develop their musical talent allowing them to enjoy music and inspire other people. 

  • Each lesson covers musical technique, theory, history, and ear training. 

  • Students learn good practice habits so they can learn efficiently. 

- In chamber music (The Three "C"s):

  • Collaboration: Each individual brings a unique musical perspective that blends with the others' perspective to create a single sound and musical idea.

  • Communication: Individuals develop verbal communication skills in rehearsals to problem solve and make their idea and musical voice heard.

  • Community: chamber music develops friendships, shared purpose, and the opportunity to play with others.

Music is rarely created independently. In chamber music coaching, collaboration helps others to communicate through music performance. Beyond the individual lessons, we desire our students to learn collaboration and the fundamentals from one another within a group. Simultaneously, the student will master their part independently to incorporate a bigger musical picture.

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